Why You Should Look Forward To The Cormier vs. Lewis UFC Fight

The scheduling of the heavyweight match between Daniel Cormier and Derrick Lewis set for November 3rd, 2018 was indeed an unexpected but welcome surprise. One could not have asked for a match-up as perfect as this, especially considering the careers of both fighters. This article is for the fans, to-be-fans, and non-fans who find themselves asking whether the hype afforded to this match is well-deserved or whether there’s any reason to watch it. We hope to answer your questions in the best way possible and give you proper reasons to watch this fight.

The ease of access

The UFC is one of the most easily accessible league sports in the world so why should you waste such an excellent opportunity for entertainment? However, before rushing to stream the match, you should know that it is ill-advisable to watch the fights from an unofficial streaming site, especially if it is free. Free streaming sites tend to draw in a lot of hackers, making it very risky for users. Fortunately, by using a VPN to stream UFC matches, you can protect your identity and information online. Additionally, a VPN helps you bypass geo-restrictions placed on the matches, allowing you to view UFC content from anywhere around the world even though it is geo-restricted to the US.

The Champion

The champion – Daniel Cormier is a force to reckon with in the Heavyweight and Light Heavyweight classes. As the dual champion for both categories, Cormier has only suffered two losses in his entire UFC career both of which were to Jon Jones in the Light Heavyweight Class. Cormier is a formidable fighter with both the skill and experience to defend his titles. So, can Daniel defend his title this time? Will it be a close call or a very decisive battle? Will he suffer his first loss in his heavyweight fighting career? These are some of the questions that fans are asking themselves and watching the upcoming match is the best way to get answers.

The Challenger

The challenger – Derrick Lewis may not have the championship belt, but he is indeed strong enough to attain it. As a UFC fighter, Lewis has only had a total of three losses, which goes to show just how tenacious he can be. As the second heavyweight in the UFC, Lewis is just a rank below Cormier, and all that is needed to surpass that rank is the Heavyweight Championship belt. The question is can he attain it? Is he strong enough to surpass the champion? Will he get lucky or have to depend on all his training? In the past, Lewis has been heard boasting of his strength and how he could beat up Daniel Cormier, the Championship. The most significant question, however, is whether he can back up his statement and give his fans a win.

The Battle

With most other matches that the two fighters have been involved in, it is usually somewhat possible to predict the outcome. However, Daniel Cormier and Derrick Lewis are the strongest Heavyweight class fighters in the UFC. As such, it is rather difficult to predict the result of the match. Fans should watch the fight for the battle itself. Strategies, grit, strength, tenacity, experience, and skills should all be qualities to look out for in the fighters during this match. Can the champion overpower the challenger or will the challenger be unstoppable?

The Bottomline

Ultimately, your judgment should decide whether the match between Cormier and Lewis is worth watching. Nevertheless, based on personal observations, this match is one of the few that you should not miss during UFC 230. Die-hard fans like myself cannot wait for the outcome of this match. Will there be a new champion or an undefeated one?