Tips What Size Baseball Bat Is Best For You

Selecting a bashttp://www.adidasnmdschuhe.infoeball bat can be very challenging. You have to consider many things in choosing a baseball bat, very body is different. Choosing the correct bat can significantly improve your overall baseball experience. Once you understand how to choose the right bat you will be more confident when at bat.
Its early spring. the sun just above sunrise and dew still on the grass. Coach carries the team bat bag and his son Tyler carries the bucket of balls. Soon the rest of the boys from his team arrive dragging their bags to the dugout. They line their bats along the fence and go out to the field for warm-up. The coaches prepare the lineup and go over the rules with the umpires. After a brief warm-up its time to “Play Ball”. Each boy is anticipating his turn to bat. One after another they swing fiercely mostly with little success. In a lost ditch effort some boys are trying their teammates bats hoping for better results, most times worse than before. The game comes to an end and Tyler’s team loses by a few runs. The coach has the boys sit down in the dugout and reviews their performance. He feels the boys would benefit from a batting practice and asks that they all attend.
Well if you have kids playing baseball or softball you have probably heard this. What good does having more batting practice going to do if you have the wrong bat. Have you considered this? Now you’re asking yourself, How do I know what’s the right bat for my Kid? You need to consider many factors when making this choice.
When considering which bat is right for me you must consider the following: Length, Weight, Diameter and Material.
For now lest keep it simple. Diameter is usually determined by level of players age group. Consult your league for specifications. Now lets discuss the weight. Generally speaking the bigger stronger players will do better with a heavier bat, while the smaller less developed players will do better with a lighter bat. When it comes to length, your stonger and taller players will feel more comfortable with a longer bat. Keep in mind a longer bat will also add weight to the bat.
Many players choose a bat to long thinking it will help them reach the far side of the plate. This is usually a mistake. Their are other methods you can use to improve hitting outside pitches.
Getting back to the coach and his suggestion to have a batting practace. You might not have the right bat but it might be in one of your teammates bag. Use this oppertunity to try out different weights and lengths. The ideal bat will feel comfortable to swing yet allow you to have good bat speed. Remember bat speed allows you to hit more pitches. Even those difficult ones. Keep in mind although bat speed is important you also need weight and control to put the ball where you want it to go.
Tylers father has spent the las ten years watching and coaching his three kids playing baseball and softball. You can find more information on selecting the right bat and more at, “Play Ball”