Perfecting the Betting Options for You

What kind of earnings is more promising on betting or on trading? Consider the pros and cons of two popular options for making a profit on the Internet trading on the stock exchange and sports tote. What opportunities does the one and the other method offer, what risks do they accompany and what profit can they bring in the future? Read about it in our article.

Opportunities for gambling and sports betting

Sports betting types

There are quite a few varieties of sports bets, but they are all divided into three categories are simple single, simple multiple and complex multiple bets.

Among the simple bets there are the ordinary (single bet), handicap, handicap with the purchase, Asian handicap, time-match, total. Multiple bets express and system are various combinations of single bets. Complex multiple bets are various combinations of basic bets, among them: Trixie, Patant, Yankees, Lucky 15, etc. you can depend on Bookie Pay Per Head for the best results on the same.

Types of stock trading

Exchange trading (trading) – is the implementation of trade operations for the purpose of making a profit, in which the intermediary is the exchange, or rather, an online broker. To date, there are three types of exchange markets:

  • Commodity market – trade in various commodity and energy futures (grain, metals, gas, oil, etc.)
  • Stock and bond market – trading in securities of various large companies
  • Currency trading is divided into two types: options trading and the over-the-counter foreign exchange market Forex.


Earnings on sports betting

Betting is not pure excitement, as there are certain earnings strategies in this area, based on analytics and forecasts. Earnings on sports betting have long been a professional occupation, in which bettors get very real money. However, this requires staking in the long term, and not from time to time: this way you will be able to develop an effective strategy that will bring a relatively stable income of about 300-500 dollars a month. In betting, there is a fairly high probability of a quick win, when you can get $ 500-600 for one event, but you can lose that money with the same probability.

Earnings on the stock exchange

The same is true for earnings on the stock exchange: only long-term, systematic work and a verified strategy will bring results. Of course, relatively rapid enrichment is possible: the forex community is well aware of the stories of Russian and Western millionaires who have earned their capital exclusively on currency trading. However, statistics show that only one of the 10 novice traders in the end comes in plus. The average earnings of a successful forex trader is 10-15% per month (a percentage of the deposit). Accordingly, the larger the deposit is, the greater is the profit. For example, with a deposit of $ 12,000, the monthly profit may be about $ 1,000.