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What is a Gym Ball and Its Benefits

If you’ve recently started going to a gym, you might have seen a lot of people working out with large vinyl balls. What are these balls? Read this post to know what these balls are and why you too should start using them.

Go to any modern gym, and you will see a lot of people working out with large vinyl balls. Even if you are planning to work out at home and searching for exercise videos on the internet, a lot of pros would advise you to use these balls. But what are these balls? Aren’t they just another exercise fad? Not really.

As a matter of fact, these balls that are now commonly used in gyms have been in existence since the 1960s. Aquilino Cosani from Italy first produced these large vinyl balls in 1963 and named them “Gymnastik”. By the late 1960s, these balls, also known as Swiss balls, were commonly used in clinics and hospitals across Europe.

Gym ball

So, should you start using them as well? Here are 5 great reasons why you actually should

  1. Improved Stability and Balance
    Ball training is known to help improve the working of the musculature responsible for neutralizing and stabilizing the human body. The muscles which neutralize counteract with the actions of a host of other muscles to help you perform smooth and coordinated movements.
    The muscles responsible for stabilizing are generally found around the joints and perform the vital function of protecting them from injuries.
  1. Better Posture
    One of the biggest reasons to workout with these balls is the posture benefits they offer. Most people now sit in the same position in front of their computers or laptops for several hours a day. Over time, this can result in a host of back-related problems.
    A major reason for this is that people do not know the correct sitting posture. When you workout with the ball, you will use a lot of your postural muscles that are abundantly responsible for your posture. This can help you improve your posture and also help with the health of your back and spine.
  1. Flatter Tummy
    While it can be tough to believe, but something as simple as sitting on these balls can help you sculpt your abs. When you sit on the unstable ball and try to maintain your balance, you will continuously contract muscles located in your lower limbs.
    But apart from this, you will also be abundantly using your abs. If you are targeting your tummy and want to strengthen your abs, do include the exercise ball in your workout routine.
  1. Rehabilitation After a Surgery
    If you are recovering from surgery, especially spinal surgery, the exercise ball can be a very effective rehabilitation tool. While it is said that the patients who have done a spinal surgery recently should not put their spine under compression, the 20%-30% of compression by sitting on an exercise ball can accelerate recovery.
    The balls allow the patients not to use any major joints but still activate a lot of muscles with minimum compression.
  1. Highly Affordable
    You now have many machines, equipment, and accessories that can offer the benefits listed above. However, most of them are generally very expensive. On the other hand, a gym ball is highly affordable.
    You can now find high-quality balls at highly affordable prices at reputed online stores. Many of the stores also offer delivery across the country with other benefits such as easy returns and an extended warranty. Prefer such stores to buy high-quality exercise ball at a reasonable price.

Exercise Ball: A Versatile Gym Essential

Exercise ball workouts are not just beneficial but fun too. If you are looking to improve your balance, posture, rehabilitate after surgery or have a better figure in a fun and rewarding way, an exercise ball is a must-have product.

Consult a professional before starting your workouts to prevent injuries and get maximum benefits from this easy-to-use fitness accessory.